You Can Get A Cheaper Quote?

We are often told by customers when we quote for work on a patio that they know someone that can do the work cheaper. The question they need to ask is why are they so much cheaper?

One of the reasons others can quote much cheaper prices is the quality and the amount of materials used UNDER the paving!

At McQueen Landscapes Ltd we only ever lay paving on a full mortar bed, a slurry mix using SBR bond applied to the backs of each paving slabs, this ensures longevity and enables us to guarantee our installs.

We are in no doubt that there are indeed people that will carry out the work cheaper than McQueen Landscapes Ltd.  When we give you a quote we estimate and itemise the cost and quantities of materials on your project. We are more than happy for you to check these prices.

Therefore any other landscape company quoting a significantly cheaper price will probably make the savings by using less expensive, and (more importantly) reduced quantity of materials (The materials underneath your paving is just as important as the lovely paving you have chosen! )

Often when shortcuts have been taken, the actual finish may look excellent, but all to often when costs have been cut, the results show up after a year or two ( usually after the first cold frost ). By this time its too late!

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Remember, if you buy cheap, you buy twice.

Michael McQueenComment