Poor Drainage - No Problem

You can see the before and after pictures from our recent project in Dunfermline where we were up to our knees in mud trying to push on through the main timber work so we can get the drainage issues corrected and start adding our base material to give us a solid area to work on.

Towards the end of these jobs it's easy to forget the amount of time and work that went into the early stages, we usually can't even remember what it looks like before we started! 

But what a transformation, now our wonderful clients have a beautiful useable outdoor garden space.

For all Garden Design & Build enquiries please get in touch and we will happily have a chat with you, one on one consultations can be booked via our website all you have to do is choose a time and day that suits you best, our consultations are an hour long and a member of our team may contact you prior to your site visit, if more details of the project is needed.